It is funny how this invitation came to me yesterday night, why?  Pretty because before I got this invitation,  I have started noticing the “My Pilipinas” Shirt and was thinking of writing a post about it.  I am actually formulating the post in my head strolling at the SM San Lazaro  looking for something to eat, when I keep seeing students, couples, and individuals wearing the RP map shirt.  As soon as I got home, the usual routine, change clothes, eat, check emails.

I noticed from my Yahoo mailbox with; “INVITATION: Rhett Eala Celebrating 20 Years” on the subject.  I quickly clicked the mail and saw an invitation of the event.  I got excited formulating the RP map or My Pilipinas Shirt post because I would not like to have relatively same post in a day.  I am thankful that Rhett Eala and the crew of Collezione C2 noticed my blog and appreciate it to invite me on their upcoming celebration.  Thank you guys!

The problem is, there is a dress code! Panic attack came to me! hahaha!  Simply because I am not a dress girl, so my wardrobe does not have any proper dresses except one Summer dress a friend bought me a year ago. I just recently started wearing skirts which I usually DO NOT wear (for some reason high waist skirts made me wear those! hehe).  To make the story short, I would love to attend the event but don’t know if I can due to the dress code.  Anyway, I’ll find my way in if I can.  So, to all the attendees, see you there! 🙂 Oh, I won’t buy one if you’re wondering how, I reckon I’ve got some wardrobe emergency kit and skills to come out, and by the way, I accept sponsors too!  See you!

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