Browsing some restaurants online, I came across some sites and blogs that has recipes of different famous restaurants and coffeeshops.  I was wondering, is it legal that they are doing it.  I mean, I understand if I saw from the restaurant’s website, it’s okay, that’s their own and wanted to share it to people.  Although, that’s quite weird.

Also, they are selling a book with compilations of famous restaurants’ recipes…How’s that works? Can anyone tell me please…lyndsaycabildo's food photos, restaurants

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2 thoughts on “Restaurant Recipes Online, Isn’t that Illegal?

  1. As I understand it, United States copyright law refers only to the written part of a recipe, not to the quantities or ingredients, or even the way of how they are combined. So if you publish a recipe, someone else cannot take your word-for-word explanation and publish the whole thing as their own work. What they can do is reword the directions in a way that is “substantially different” from your wording and then publish it (although polite ones will still give you credit for inventing the recipe). I hope this throws some light on the situation.

  2. Thanks Cynthia, but I have read sites with ingredients(even measurements), although they acknowledge the business name, it seems weird that they are selling or publishing those supposed to be private ingredients or information from the established business. Anyway, I truly appreciate your comment! Thanks again!

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