Summer 2010 is a year away but Fashion Designers are already pimped their dolls with their collection for the following year.  So, fashionistas can feast their eyes on the best collections and take time in choosing their wardrobe collection for 2010 as well.

I am featuring two of the best high fashion designers, Emilio Pucci and Diane von Furstenberg.  Emilio Pucci’s love for colors and shapes reflects his work in a stylish casual way with a unique chic touch on every items.

On the other hand, Diane von Furstenberg’s work is colorful and cheerful.  The prints and bright colors mixed with simple pieces of clothing like cardigans and casual tops emanates the class mixed with casual yet chic and stylish.

Both still shows the year’s color trend, Blue.  Creative imaginations worked on to mixed each designer’s personality and turn it to majestic masterpieces.

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