Resisting urge to splurge when you travel is not easy, that’s a fact.  This is not a hullabaloo (I know its not a word, I just made that up)words that are just coming out of my mouth, it is based on experience of not just myself but even first time travelers.  Even veterans sometimes give in to the urge of spending their moolah but they know the limits now.

It took me awhile to figure out what good and not I can get from resisting to shop around, specially if you are backpacking.  Easy when you are traveling just for a short period of time, but not when you really want to backpack.  Why?

Reasons why resist the urge to splurge…

Less money.  Of course, when you spend money on something you will have less money on hand. Less budget for your travels, food, accommodation, etc.

More to carry. You lose some, you win some.  Yet, on this case you gain more pounds to carry from the shopping spree you did not resist and can cause mood swings as to why you did buy those things you don’t actually need, carrying them around will piss you off. TIP: buy souvenirs at the last leg of your trip, if you really want to shop for you and your friends.

Less activities.  You say, “Shopping is an activity!”… True, but you can shop anywhere, even from where you are from but the fun and experience in that new place is priceless.  Although, I am not asking you to change your choice of fun if that what makes you happy on that trip.  However, setting your priorities is always important.  I personally, would choose to go to a natural waterfall, beach, or river spending less but doing more (just for a thought).

Those are just something to ponder.  I still shop one or two items from places I go to, a friend asked me “So you have a lot of souvenirs from places you’ve been to?”.  I have some and mostly easy to carry, bracelets, shirt, fisherman’s pants, genie pants and believe me, there are lots of things that triggers my urge to splurge everywhere I go but I only use my personal  mantra in my mind.  Telling myself  “You don’t want to carry that a lot, don’t buy that”, and if it works then good on me, if not then that means I could handle to carry it around and not complain.

Sooner or later, you will realize or let say, you will learn the importance of it.  Backpacking is such a humbling experience really, no matter who you are when you started your trip, you will never be the same because you will be better.  Even how glamorously, self centered, self conscious you are at the beginning you will be surprise how it will transform you just like how the sole sisters did.  I am proud that they are self confessed glampackers to poorpackers, read their inspiring story.

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