(Praiwan Waterfalls)

After a cool trek at the Sumano Cave Temple, our guide Pi Noi brought us to the waterfall called “Praiwan Waterfall”.  When we arrived there it was around 3 pm already and the place looks too busy.  It is very popular with the locals when the weather gets too hot to cool down.

(Locals enjoying the water to cool down)

(Waterfall in a distance)

The waterfall looks great, its huge and locals crowd the semi-deep areas to swim.  The rocks around the waterfalls add wonderful look to it and more entertainment for locals using it as their diving platform as they jump flipping over a not so deep water!  Danger!  Same thing I saw at the Wawa Gorge. Yeah, that’s what screams in my head but then again, I should understand because I myself is such a dare devil.  Only, I gauge safety against silly stupid actions that causes accidents (excuses!).

(Nice view from the Seafood Resto)

Dining with View

I thought I will be swimming but then when I saw how packed  the area is, my eagerness came to a halt.  Instead, I settled taking photos of what’s around me.  I had a cup of Iced coffee which I think got me sick.  I wasn’t feeling okay and didn’t end up going out of the van to see the Khaochaison Hotsprings.  As soon as we arrived at the restaurant for the dinner, I rushed in to the restroom to throw up.  It wasn’t fun after that and waiting a long time for the food was hell, but the restaurant’s view of huge lake was wonderful.

(Fellas waiting for the attendant to take their orders)

I think they can get away with their bad service just from the nice view but if you’re dying and needed something for your gut then that is not a good place to go to.  I enjoyed the first league of the trip, I just wished I didn’t get the bug to see the hotsprings.


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