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It is quite a dream for every girl to get married one day, to find Mr. Right guy, yeah?…  Well, to all ladies out there, it is not just us that is dreaming the same thing.  Guys too, long for the perfect partner that they can share their lives forever.  Hence, there are factors that scares them away no matter how much we try to understand, unconscious reasons have made us blind by the idea of  love even if we’re not in love.

Couples sometimes don’t know what they ‘really’ want and settles for something less, too bad hey?  Good thing you have lots of time in your hand to avoid worst of the worst situation.  Try analyzing yourself, your man, and your relationship…  You’ll soon find out the answer you need to know before saying “I do”.

What Scares “The One” Away?

Do you want to know what scares them?  I’ll tell you what are they, from life observations I have noticed and learned tons of reasons what keep them away. Here u go…

Being so clingy. Live your life as your own, living it the way he or people around you want you to live your life is a no no.  YOU are responsible for your happiness, not him, not money, not flashy cars and clothes, nothing but YOU!  Being so clingy means that you are afraid to live life without him, or maybe you’re after the security he can give.

Insecurity. Being insecure is one that cause real tantrums, once insecurity eats you then mistrust comes in.  Arguments will soon arise, when paranoia kicks into your head.

Jealousy. If you’re insecure, then you must be jealous.  Traits you don’t want to have or it will kill your relationship, your personality, your spirit, and character.  A little bit of jealousy is okay as some experts may say because it indicates the feelings you have for the person, but anything too much is too bad.

Too righteous. Being righteous is great, but too much will scare people away.  Have you noticed that your attitude changes for becoming too righteous?  Being one makes you otherwise, really.

So if you think you are ready to say  “I do”, think again.  It’s not bad to reflect and analyze yourself before binding yourself to a contract that will last a loooooong time.  You might be surprised that you’re doing yourself a favor by reflecting as well as for him.  Try to use the guide below to find out if you’re ready or not?

About Him:

  • Does he show traits that he will be a good father and a husband?
  • Does his interests are the same as yours?
  • Are you growing spiritually together?
  • Are his values the same as yours?
  • Is he interested to meet your family?
  • Is he okay mingling with your friends?

About You:

  • Are you in the same place as him in saying “I do”?
  • Are you cool with his friends and family?
  • Are you emotionally confident?
  • Are you financially secured on your own?
  • Have you tried to realize if you could accept the situation if he’s not ready to say “I do” with you?
  • Do you think you are happy, confident, and secure on your own?

About Your Relationship:

  • Do you think your relationship is going stronger or just waiting for its natural death?
  • Does the everyday togetherness makes you more inspired and loving to one another?
  • Do you laugh a lot together?
  • Do you share to solve the problem of each other?
  • Do both of you compliments each other a lot?
  • Do you do romantic gestures (even little ones like snuggling in the morning before getting up) everyday?
  • Do you have sweet name calling for each other (like chocolate & honey bunch, sweetie pie & honey pie)?

If most of your answer is ‘yes’, then you are now ready to say ‘I do’.  Congratulations and Best Wishes to all of you who have answered ‘yes’ to this guide questions!!!

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