Red, White, and Blue, Where’s the Stars Over Hernandez?

Mercedez Benz’ Fashion Show in Mexico’s Fashion Week 2009, Paola Hernandez’ Fall Collection caught my entire attention.  Having all these colors, black, red, white, and blue.  The simple collections of just adding up colors that has the stars over you, all I can see is the interpretation of the children’s play song.

Red, White, and Blue, Where's the Stars Over Hernandez?Red, White, and Blue, Where's the Stars Over Hernandez?Red, White, and Blue, Where's the Stars Over Hernandez?

It is playful enough for the colors, but unfortunately I would say it is NOT a designer’s work.  Colored shirts and everything Paola showed on the runway can be done by anyone without a doubt, and no sweat.

I reckon Paola needs to put her own imagination and creativity on her work to make it more distinct.  There is no label of designer’s work in any of those.  I’m sorry but even style wasn’t there.  She needs to take this seriously or her name would not be heard again in the industry.  Fashion Week highlighters all over the world would sink her name and works to the bottom.

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