It’s funny how life have made me realize into a Fashion Point of View…I forgot from where I read it, but it made an impact on my views. I remember reading a blog that says;

“We are like a fabric that needs to be cut off from the rest, and be sawn, decorated, designed, to become one great clothing masterpiece that will separate us from being just a fabric and become the unique, beautiful clothing that stands out from the rest of the clothes.”


Realization of a Fashionista

It’s cool to realize that it is how we all are, and we will all be going to, to become ourselves. We need to be separated from where we came from, the process will be hard as the needles pierces the fabric every time, as the accessories should be sawn on the fabric to create a masterpiece. All of us have our own design drawn before we were created, and we will be a masterpiece in every way.

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