(Image courtesy of Leizel Avila: Me, Doug and Nick with the Magical Sunset)

What would be more interesting for me to do in when I’m in a paradise? Climbing? Sure it was fun and I’d do it again if given a chance, but there’s more I want to do in a paradise. What? Swimming! Yep, that’s one thing I’m always dying to do.  I don’t know, I love water, water, and more water.  This is why I have a dream to have a huge swimming pool in my own house beside the beach, I’m not kidding, I’m gonna have that one day.  How? Well that’s one thing I don’t know yet.

Anyway, going back to swimming.  Of course, you already know how beautiful Krabi is from my previous posts, its night life, and the people it sounds awesome right? Right, because it is!  Railay Beach, Railey, Raley, however the locals spell it (because you get to see different spelling everywhere) have a lot of beaches.  East, West, Tonsai, Phra Nang Beach these are beaches of Railey.

(Phra Nang Beach)

East Beach – Is the area where our guesthouse was and the coolest hang out at night, The Last Bar.  In this beach is impossible to swim because of the huge amount of mangroves.

West Beach – This is where we came in to Railey.  Railey is actually an island I just realized, West Beach has pure and fine white sand and nice beach which I also realized that I have not swam into it that much, I don’t know why we didn’t came back, but we just didn’t. Oh it was because of that creepy Spanish guy Leizel and I met! I remember now, he was in a hurry to get to Tonsai when I was already enjoying the beautiful water of this beach.

(Happy Island)

Tonsai Beach – Tonsai is accessible from the West Beach when its low tide, you can just swim across or even walk when its really low at the side of the rocks (but just be careful the rocks are quite sharp), or you could just trek and hike a little get through a cave(is there a cave? I forgot what they told me how to get there the other way, I hope Nick or Doug would comment on this to get it all straight).  Tonsai is cool, you get to go further out and its still shallow and rocky.  Perfect for evil intentions, now I know why the creepy guy was dying to get here!  Good thing there were locals around with telescopes, got us safe.

Phra Nang Beach – My favorite beach of all.  The amazing forms of stalactites (rock formation hanging from the top) at the wonderful caves along the way, the monkeys playing around there, the green clear water, pure white fine sand, the Happy Island, and the ‘Magical Sunset’.  They are all here.  The perfect cliff diving spot was here too (I wish we had high tide to have tried it when we were there).

Happy Island – It is the island across Phra Nang Beach that you can swim to.  It was crazy to have swam there because I thought I could not make it (I think Doug got the hint that I’m getting tired and was kind enough to say he’ll save me if needed, lol) but I don’t want to quit and it was a great feeling to get there and did it!  People climb at the Happy Island, there were few people climbing when we were there.  Thanks to Doug for the company to this island!

I am now calling us (me, Leizel, Doug and Nick) as “Team SRC” (which stands for Sticky Rice and Chicken because that’s through it how we met, although Nick wants it to be Spanish ResCue!) with their help so I will have collective name when I need to refer for all of us.  So, Team SRC enjoyed a long swimming moment at Phra Nang Beach after a full climbing and trekking activities, witnessing another ‘Magical Sunset’ while in the water joking around about Doug’s see-through pants and how he thinks I hate him calling him a ‘kid’.  Nick on the other hand keeps the joke rolling and Leizel (as always) was quite busy taking photos, it was all perfectly magical.  More stories about Team SRC coming up!

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2 thoughts on “Railay Beaches’ Water Fun

  1. I loved Phra Nang and its freaky stalactites too. I liked swimming under them and getting dripped on…

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