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Backpackers are quite hardcore when it comes to traveling, they don’t care much of the material world that is popular to what most people called “The Real World”.  I really don’t have an idea of what the real world is really.  Going back to my point, backpackers are up on most adventures that comes their way but I think they should not forget the skin care tips for a clear skin.

Active Backpackers

The most common is walking, climbing, caving, swimming, diving, and a lot more that mostly involve being under the sun for a long period of time.  Most backpackers will just go and forget to get something to protect themselves from the sun.  I think it is okay sometimes, but if they are really active on activities that needs to be under the sun I think sunblock is a must.

I heard many backpackers complaining how tanned they have become after few weeks of backpacking specially Southeast Asia (Tropical Weather).  I myself have gone really tanned,I know you may think it’s natural for a Southeast Asian like me but  I am quite fair skinned Asian (and being tanned is such a big deal in Southeast Asian culture), everyone that knew me are reacting seeing my recent photos on Facebook.  I really don’t care much if I get tanned anymore, not like before that I would even get upset and feeling unpretty with a tanned skin.  I have learned to accept my natural skin behavior under the sun, but don’t get me wrong, I still use sunblock once in a while to protect my skin from the UV rays.

Sunblock Protection

Although sunblock is not a 100% protection, at least it will helps to protect skin from harmful UV rays that could cause skin cancer and other skin allergies or diseases.   I know sunburns and tan are the mark of your travels but make sure you don’t get too roasted!


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