PPQ’s Golden Fall Collection 2010

PPQ's Golden Fall Collection 2010

PPQ’s Golden Fall Collection 2010 however caught my attention as to how simple their theme was, yet the gold and black still exudes style and chic-ness that will catch everyone’s attention.  You bet your attention was caught by this masterpieces in front of you, hey? Sure, you did.

PPQ's Golden Fall Collection 2010

(Images from Coutorture.com)

What do you think is the trick?  Choosing the right color.  Mix and matching clothes is not just about the cuts and style but as well as the color.  A simple change can make a difference.  Isn’t it classy?  I reckon it is.  The chic class style with this amazing color have made it a bit casual that can be worn on formal and casual occasions. PPQ’s Golden Fall Collection 2010 is awesome!

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