What’s greater than travelling one country to another and learning more and more from different people, culture, seeing beautiful places? These are my photos travelling place to place. Let me tell you some Pinoy Short Stories About My Travels as the photos shown here are taken mostly from Southeast Asia.

Pinoy Short Stories About My TravelsPinoy Short Stories About My TravelsFrom my home country, Philippines, instead of flying to Dubai last July 2008 to work as a Team Leader at Atlantis, I decided to fly to Bangkok, Thailand. Wanting to find out more about myself, I decided to choose the path away from my usual decision (doing what I was expected to do). I didn’t get to see much of Bangkok, I stayed in the room for less than 2 weeks, reflecting. Then I flew to Chiangmai, Thailand and stay there for more than 2 weeks. Then bordercrossed to Laos as my visa only allows me to stay 30days in Bangkok. From Luang Prabang which is their heritage town in Laos (staying 1week), then to Vang Vieng.

It is the most amazing place in Laos! It boasts the natural beauty of their town, beautiful mountains, river, and chill out places, awesome! Went to the capital city, Vientienne to get ready for the visa to Vietnam.

Travelling Vietnam is awesome as well! Though the busy streets of Hanoi doesn’t want me to stay longer, ride to Hue. There, I stayed most of the time thinking I could just get a visa to extend my stay(since I am included for ASEAN free visa). Unfortunately, it costs a fortune to get it from Hue, so we have to leave to Vientienne again. Stayed almost a month again in Vang Vieng and back to Hue, Vietnam.

Just had a few days rest to Hue and got ready to Nha Trang. Nha Trang is the best of Vietnam for beaches! I wouldn’t wanna leave if not for the visa. Then down to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), I tried to get visa again and luckily, YES, got it! They approve me to get a paid 3month visa for $55 USD single entry visa. And now, chilling out in Vietnam’s coolest place, Da Lat! probably until after Christmas.

Most places I have been to, I’ve written a post about it. Just check it out…There will be more soon! I hope you like my short stories about my journey.

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3 thoughts on “Pinoy Short Stories About My Travels

  1. I tell you what…When you get back home I think you could get rich by opening up your own travel agency! Please keep the blogs coming Lyndsay!!!

  2. I came here from blogcatalog, to tell you that one place where you should travel is
    Best time now is in Lapland, where the ho-ho-hoo man is from! 🙂 he’s VERY busy right now…children all ovet the globe waiting for…shhhh…you know what!

    It’s nice late spring too, days are getting longer…beautiful but not so warm yet…
    Best time is summer, we have thousands of lakes…sea…good, fresh, clean food…
    Autmn is colorful, like in Canada…

    In Finland air is clean, no pollution, population just over 5 mill…

    Now I’m living expat life in Cairo, Egypt!
    Welcome to visit my blogs…

    Leave a comment – I know you’ve been there!

    Have a nice day! 🙂

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