Pinoy New Vocalist of Journey Band: Arnel Pineda

First I heard about Arnel Pineda was from my sister that said, “There’s another discovered Pinoy again from You Tube that’s guesting on Ellen DeGeneres Show”. So, I got curious and check out the Ellen episode of Arnel Pineda clip on You Tube.

Pinoy New Vocalist of Journey Band: Arnel Pineda Facts

Dang! That’s amazing! I’ve got goosebumps watching Arnel Pineda performing on Ellen DeGeneres Show. My cousin Sherry Ann Rosaldo, also suggested to write about him because Arnel Pineda is a hit. It was few months ago, and now before I got this all together, I researched about him and found out…

  • …Arnel Pineda lived in Sampaloc, Manila (I live there too! weeeeeee Sampaloc Pride)
  • …that Arnel Pineda was born September 5, 1967.
  • …that Arnel Pineda was with The Zoo band when discovered.
  • …that Arnel Pineda has been a member of 7 bands before he was discovered by Journey’s Neal Schon from You Tube.

Now, join me and share the goosebumpsy experience watching him… 😀 We’re proud of you Arnel Pineda!

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