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Technology has become truly amazing, it does everything easier for us, won’t you agree?  Specially the Internet, it is great that in the comfort of your room in front of your laptop, you can travel the world for less, learn more about what is happening out there without leaving your country, video chatting to your loved ones everywhere they are in the world using Internet, and a lot more unbelievable things that seems impossible 50 years ago.

Pinoy Chatters

(Pinoy Chatters Met Up in Mall of Asia, L-R: Jero, Angela, Lyndsay)

Now, it’s different.  It is part of our daily lives.  Checking emails, VoIP, GPS, Video Chat, 3D Technology, etc…  Social Networking is one popular means of connecting with people all over the world.  We find friends and sometimes, love on the web.  That is the world we are living now.


Matchmakers are getting popular too, people are signing up to find love, and some sign up for fun that ended up to marriage.  Filipino Friend Finder will help you find Filipino and Filipina friends for FREE.  This is not like the paid matchmakers online that you have to pay to sign-up.  Signing Up is absolutely FREE! You can meet friendly, educated, and stunning Filipinos (General Name For Philippine Citizens) out there.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find love here too.  Pinoy (Slang for Filipino) are known for their hospitality, friendliness, and conservative culture.  We are laidback and polite, majority speaks English (We are 2nd of the Largest English Speaking Country in Asia) that makes us more connected to the world.

People are finding love online and it is happening, it’s not a joke!  You too can tell me that you probably have a friend or two who met their girlfriends online and then meet up in person, right?  I did have met friends online too, so you might want to sign up now and find friends too! Experience the fun of meeting new friends, making virtual friends become reality!

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  1. Believe me when I say that this is simply the best article I have ever had the privilege to read on this topic. It has taken my mind into a whole new arena of thought.

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