Last few days, I have been researching about Pinoy Fashion Communities but I found none.  I realize there are tons of Pinoy Fashion Bloggers out there, just like the general blogging community, Fashion Bloggers need to unite especially Pinoy Fashion Bloggers!

Pinoy Fashion Bloggers to Unite

(Click Image to Sign Up on Pinoy Fashion Bloggers!!!)

It will be fun to have some gatherings and reunions once in a while when I gathered these people that are into fashion into one spot.  Where? @ Pinoy Fashion  All you Pinoy Fashion Bloggers have to do is sign up below that page and I will pull one interesting post of yours  and publish it to the blog.  You’ll see what I mean, and I’m open to suggestions…By the way, it’s not mine, it’s every Pinoy Fashion Bloggers spot.  So, don’t hesitate to suggest anything, we’ll try to improve it. 😉 Feel free to use the badge.

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