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Most of  our Photos are worth putting in Photo Frames and Photo Albums, why not? Those are precious memories caught in cam that will be on your laptops or any storage devices or you probably printed your photographs.

The Photographer

Sure, we all want great photos of ourselves.  We either play around our cameras and the lighting to produce great images or hire a professional photographer that would truly give you photos worth putting in photo frames and photo albums.

Photographer @ Work

Manila's Famous Photo

Book You Own Photoshoot!

PINKZ Photography and Video service offers great variety of packages you could choose from.  Ms. Mishale Aragoncillo owns the business and she is the photographer herself, she also a model.

She resides in Manila, Philippines covering the whole country for her photo and video services according to package.

Services offered from photos, videos, signs, graphic lay-out, editing, as well as invitations and business cards lay-out and prints.

Some of her works were featured on my previous posts such as the Baguio Festival, Chinese New Year, Manila’s Beauty…, and a lot more…She was also featured on my Fashionista of the Month: April, you can check her out there to know more about her.

*All photos were modified to fit the site pixels, their original state is unbelievably clear.  You can email her at: or you can contact her through her business mobile phone: (+63)9173871073 or (+63)9226501082.

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