Are you familiar with Ms. Lea Salonga? Oh dang, if you’re Filipino I know you do. Since I am currently in Saigon, and I am a great fan of Lea Salonga, I remember the famous theater play back in the early 90’s “Miss Saigon”, so thought maybe I should write a post about it.

I admire Lea Salonga since I was a kid. Her voice, talent, and determination. I always look up to her, she’s really exceptional! I feel like I’m Philippines’ Miss Saigon at the moment just because I’m in Saigon, and always want to be part of theater play “Miss Saigon” too. This is how the fate made my dreams come true of becoming Miss Saigon! hahaha! 😀 Anyways, hear her, see for yourself, and stop wondering why I really look up to her.

SUN AND MOON from Miss Saigon

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