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It was in Bangkok at Banglumpoo Inn restaurant where we used to hang out, the place where I met S.E.A. Backpacker Magazine.  It was a cool travel magazine I thought, that got me reading it among the hundreds of available travel reading materials that are free for the customers to borrow. Then there came my solo travelling adventure to Southeast Asia, along the way from different hostels I stayed in and hang outs makes the magazine always present and easy access for the backpackers, so I started checking out their website.

I was disappointed when I didn’t get to see Philippines on their site (I remember sending them an email why they don’t have Philippines when its part of Southeast Asia), but now that I check the site again, it’s there! Philippines is Now in SEA Backpacker Magazine!  It doesn’t matter if they did not reply to my message but what matters now is that Philippines is there!!! Wohooooo! (OK, I know I don’t have to get carried away but I’m really happy they include us there…well, I’m one of the promoter of my country).

I sooooo love the post; Why The 7,107 Islands of The Philippines Should Not Be Overlooked!. Well, read it to know more why at least this time it would not come from me(which will sound a little biased).  Backpackers should not skip Philippines at all(except during monsoon seasons).  I wish I could make my travels, my job…


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One thought on “Philippines is Now on SEA Backpacker Magazine!

  1. Hey, Great article, just finished my Southeast Asia Backpacking trip and im missing it already!

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