When the Americans left Philippines after the war, they [Americans] left all their military jeeps here and the Filipinos as resourceful as we are, converted the military jeep into Jeepneys that varies into different elongated sizes to accommodate more passengers.  Since then it has become the most popular and unique public transportation in the country.

Since it is the most popular ride here in the Philippines, it has the cheapest fare against taxis, trains, buses, and tricycles (tuktuk).  Some jeepneys have air-condition in some places, some have music, some have TV’s (depending on the preferences and ability of the owner).  Some are longer than the others, making some jeepney drivers whine for the longer jeepney drivers’ greediness they said.

Minimum Fare for a Jeepney: Php 8 ($.18) Fare increases at a distance.

You have not been to the Philippines if you have not tried Philippine Jeepneys because they are everywhere!  Anyway, enjoy this funny video on how to ride the jeepney!

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