I owe my friend, Mishale, for not showing up at the last Philippine Fashion Week event held at the SMX Convention Center. I could have shared wonderful photos from the event, but anyway, there’s always next time right? (Although Mishale would not want to set it up for me anymore).

What I didn’t know is that Philippine Fashion Week has its own TV production now handled by Runway Productions which is on its Season 4 now.  Yes, on its 4th season and I did not know until I got an email from them promoting the season! Sheez!  Oh well, what can I do,  I’m quite busy with my travel blog   lately and of course, juggling work and travel.

I am impressed how the Philippine Fashion Week has evolved, I didn’t expect they would go this far but I’m proud of where they are and what they have done.  It’s like the talents can compete Internationally but its locally produced.  I should not be surprised, because Filipino talents are truly world class, why not? There’s Monique Lhuillier, Rafe Totengco, Michael Cinco, Donny Barrios, and a lot more talents that are making names in the industry.

As for the awesome runway show of all time, fashion week will always be cherished by the metro’s fashionistas and for that, I know the Philippine Fashion Week will be bigger than it is now.  Keep it up fashionistas behind the success of Philippine Fashion Week! Kudos to all your efforts, it’s bearing fruits, no worries!  Catch them every Sunday, 6:30PM at Lifestyle Network!

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