Geometric HerreraPhilippine Fashion Week: John Herrera

Creativity & Style

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2009 was very successful, from all the designers who made their best to make this Philippine Fashion Week ’09 enjoyable for every fashionistas, designers, and fashion enthusiasts.  There are a number of designers who stand out from the rest from their utmost creativity and style.

Pinoy Fashion Week: HerreraJ.Herrera dress

Well Done, John!

One of the people’s favorite was John Herrera.  His designs and creations are stylish.  His style was using bold geometric prints and using bold accessories which are perfect for all the designs.  I love the necklaces, matching it with bangles made a lot difference for the clothing statement.

John Herrera

Hair & Make-Up…

Hair and Make-up is a bit slack, but it doesn’t matter as the gowns and dresses pull it off.  Although, it seems like the dress wears the person in that case, but overall it’s a success! Applause for John Herrera!  You were on the limelight of the Philippine Fashion Week 2009.


(*Images from John Herrera

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