As the Philippine Fashion Week starts on the 28th of May until the 1st of June, it will be held at the SMX Convention Center of MOA.  The 75 Local Fashion Designers and brands are competing for fashionistas attention,  all are showing off their best to get it into the fashion trend light for this year.

Philippine Fashion Week 2014 – Lyle Ibanez


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Of course, I have my bet on the designer, Lyle Ibanez.  His collections is not just on the local market trend but also in International limelight.  The designs exudes simplicity and elegance, the use of plain colors such us nude, pink, and the fashion color must have ‘Black’ is a great choice of style.  Let, alone the fabric he used that made the dramatic flow of the dresses while you walk makes all the difference.  Then again, he did not stop there, the pieces in the collection was complimented by the use of simple and classy trend of plain metal belt.  So, simple and yet nostalgic.

Oh, should I talk about the cut and drapes of the fabric.  I also like the classy creative cuts along the shoulders.  The simple design made an elegant bare shoulder look.  What do you think?  Better reserve a seat at SMX for the Philippine Fashion Week 2014, this year may be a combo of creative designs.  Check out the official site and see the designers gallery for yourself.

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