Michael Cinco

(Images Courtesy of Jerick Paul Sanchez)

The Holiday Collection for 2010 was launched at the Philippine Fashion Week last May 28, 2010.  The extravagance and class of Michael Cinco’s Collection for Holiday is now featuring here at my blog.

Another Filipino Fashion Designer who have showcased his talent on the stage,  Michael Cinco.  Michael’s creations varies from exotic colors to simple elegance.  Yet, the details of every masterpiece that comes out of the stage leaves the audience in awe.  Imaginations of Cinco are now translated into clothing, which, even Hollywood A-Listers will surely wanna wear on the red carpet galas.

Did you notice the make-up?  How creative it is that it is somewhat a remembrance of the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha” but still appeared like a snow-fairy galactic theme.  The effects on stage and the details of the gowns are matched on the look of  its pieces, which makes it perfect for Hollywood holiday galas.

Plus the fact that each holiday gown has a touch of Filipino by using ruffles and natural themes, even the ‘abaniko’ (which means fan) was used as a hairpiece! All in great combination.

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