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Every year most towns and communities celebrates feast days; Feast Days are celebrated based on the patron saint’s death day (although I have no idea how they designate a patron saint for each town), since Philippines is mostly Roman Catholic country.  Locals celebrates feast day differently; some will cook a lot of traditional and non-traditional food, town heads organize an inter-town basketball competition; shows such as gay pageant, singing contest, orchestrated ballroom event, open air discos, and local carnival; and some would not even bother to celebrate. Philippine Fair is an Affair to Remember because of all these. Lucky that in Tarlac, they do celebrate it good and got Nick (Candian friend we met in Krabi who visited Philippines)to experience the local carnival on Holy Thursday!

Holy Smokes?! Yes, it was Lent when all these happened at the main town (45minute tricycle ride from my mom’s place).  Strange celebration hey? but yeah, locals really know how to have some fun.

(At the fair’s entrance)

(Place your bets!)

Leisure at a Local Fair

Local carnivals in the provinces and communities are the dodgy version of real leisure parks (we do have real leisure parks, don’t worry we’re not out dated) that are contracted by the town heads(community officials) to make the celebration of their feast day, a lot more interesting(very interesting).

(Gamble for more!)

Ferris Wheel, octopus, bump cars, ship swings, etc. are just few of the local rides everyone can enjoy for a fee which ranges from Php20-50 ($.40-1 USD).  Gambling is part of the local life so you can bet from Php 1 and up on different betting games that you like.  There is a color game, card game, number game that you can bet your money on; that would win double, triple, or even quintuple times.  Nick was the lucky bugger who started from Php20 and ended up having Php300 after a few hours of betting, and that money he won was used to buy 2 tickets for a bump car ride!


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2 thoughts on “Philippine Fair is an Affair to Remember

  1. It’s strange that the Philippines is so predominantly Catholic, compared to the rest of Asia – I guess it shows just how long the effects of colonisation can last. So every generation still brings up its kids to believe whatever they were forced to believe when the Spaniards arrived.

    Take a wider global and historical view of religion and it’s all a bit ridiculous.

    1. Yeah, religion does not really matter in my opinion. Although it is important for the country’s foundation of whatever. I agree to what you said that we are brought up the way we were forced to ancient years ago. I think its the spirituality that really matters, but for some, one have to start with a religion to at least get information one may use to work out personal belief that makes a person’s spiritual awareness.

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