(Petronas Twin Towers, Once the tallest building in the world)

Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, At Last! It was few months ago when I had to do my visa run, the plan was to go to Kuala Lumpur and from the information online, the trip from Hat Yai to Kuala Lumpur is available at 7pm and 10pm.  I wanted to go at 10pm so at least it would be a night trip and save a night spending in a hostel.  I got there at 6:30pm and told them I would like to get the ticket for 10pm trip.  They said, they have stopped doing the 10pm buses and the last trip is only at 7pm, BUT tickets were sold out! It was devastating, I lost a hostel reservation that I will have to do business with, and the plans me and my friends will do when I get there.

Well, it doesn’t matter anymore, the second time I made sure I’m early. I arrived 4:30 at Hat Yai Van Terminal, bought my ticket to KL and took my early dinner, I know I will have no interest eating while on the trip to save me from nature calls while on the bus.

(Getting wacky at Petronas!: L-R; Suzeyn, Kate, Jeno, Myself, David, and Raymond)

Couchsurfing Made Everything Okay

4am, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur as supposed to be 8am. I arranged for a couchsurf but because of the time difference of what was agreed, it did not happen. I have to be in a hostel and missed my host’s pick up courtesy at 8am, I sent him an email that I arrived early so he did not have to worry about looking for me at the station. Anyway, so after I moved from one expensive hostel that I can only find at 5am to a cheaper double room I shared with Kate to host her in Kuala Lumpur it just became a lot more fun! The next day, she hosted me in the 5 star hotel her company booked for her, how’s that? Wonderful.


(Eric and I, after a big buffet hotpot meal!)

I didn’t want to waste anytime in my 2-day stay in Kuala Lumpur, so I walked around Bukit Bintang and waited to meet a childhood friend, Eric, who came all the way from Cyberjaya (an hour away from KL) to treat me out in a hotpot restaurant.  I don’t know how long I haven’t seen Eric and family since I left Philippines, so it was cool seeing him again abroad and away from the neighborhood.  Anyway, after a nice hotpot in KLCC, we went outside to see the Petronas Twin Towers where we separate ways around 6pm.

I then have to meet Kate, another Couchsurfer that is a friend of a friend in KLCC as we planned to meet up in KL and travel around together while I’m there.  While waiting for Kate, I walked around to see Petronas Twin Towers at night.  Where I met this Belgian guy who asked me to take his photo with the towers on the background, he offers to take mine before he left which is nice.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in KL

Few minutes later, I met Kate with her friends, David, Raymond, Jeno, and Suzeyn they are all so cool and fun to hang out with.  That night did not end up just taking photos outside with the tower background.  We went to Bukit Bintang to celebrate St. Patrick’s.  I didn’t know what was St. Patrick’s Day about but everyone where buzzing about the big celebration at Bukit Bintang area (one block away from our hostel).  We did party a bit there, wearing something green and huge green hats that bars give away to their clients.  It was a fun night and actually, while I was sitting with the bunch I saw Michelle (a friend I met in Singapore, she was working in Footprints where I stayed in back then).  Yes, I am meeting friends I met in Singapore too.  We chatted a bit about Eli mentioned that she will attend the Music Festival that night but she said, they decided not to go and that I will be meeting our Malaysian friends Eli, Ariff, and company the next day(friends I met in Footprints too).

What is St. Patrick’s Day About? 

It is an Irish celebration, celebrating St. Patrick’s feast by wearing something green and even beers were green.  St. Patrick, as they said, was not an Irish himself.  He’s a British kidnapped by Irish raiders to become a slave, fled back to Britain but came back as a missionary to Ireland.  He is now the patron saint of Ireland. His feast is celebrated every 17th of March (or longer).

(Michelle and I at Bukit Bintang)

It was an enjoyable night, seeing the towers I used to see only on TV and prints.  Somehow, it made me giggle just being close to Petronas Twin Towers of Malaysia and seeing it with my own eyes. I did have this weird experience though while I am taking photos of Petronas Towers on my own, photos I will be using on my blog.  Two black guys approached me, they were friendly though, they were like “Hi! Do you want me to take a photo of you with the Towers as the background?” one guy said, I acted like I didn’t really hear what he said saying, “Oh do you want me to take a photo of you? Sure!”.  They both said, “No, no! We will take a photo of you!” pointing to my camera.  I said, “Oh no, I’m good.  I already have several photos of me here”, so then they were like, “Okay, then just take a photo of ours”.  It was funny because I know they are just trying to make everything seems okay but it becomes more and more awkward.  Funny thing is, using their phone camera they are silhouette against the towers.  Well, it’s normally dark if you don’t use your flash or better effect in your camera and so I am trying to hide my laugh.  So yeah, just be cautious with people like them.  If I did let them, they might have stolen my camera already.

TIP:  Be cautious with people who are trying to offer and take a photo of you, they might steal your camera.


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  1. I just booked a trip back to Malaysia next week, but I’m not planning on spending long in Kuala Lumpur before I can escape to the highlands and islands. Even though I’ve seen plenty of that in the Philippines recently with Palawan and Sagada, it never gets old.

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