Perfume Shopping

Scent Stereotyping

Part of feeling good is smelling good, and you know it makes you look  hot and good  too.  Have you ever smelled someone great and follow where it’s coming from with your eyes and you see an average looking person, yet with that smell she/he looks way better than she/he is? Oh yeah, we all have that experience.

I’ll tell you why, it is because our mind recognize that she/he exerts effort to make her/himself  to smell good.  It tells a lot about a person’s personality. Who would want to be stuck in the elevator with stinky and sweaty smell?  Isn’t it that we won’t care when everyone smells good, not to mention if everyone sprays a little of cologne or perfume? Heaven.  That is heaven specially in the morning rush hour. 😀 Smelling good is the secret for a subtle good personality.

Versace Perfume

(*VERSACE Time for Pleasure)

Perfumes Aren’t Expensive

Colognes and perfumes isn’t expensive to pamper yourself a bit.  The glamorous perfume shops looks elegant and great but it doesn’t mean everything is expensive.  Try to visit one and you’ll find out that they do have variations that can accommodate your budget and personality.  Guess what? Perfume Shop Staff are all friendly and you can choose from the samplers whatever scent you prefer.

Don’t Forget to Shop Smart

However, I know there some of you who doesn’t like interacting too much.  That should not limit you the opportunity to find a perfume shop to get you your great scent you’ll love, shop smart.  Although, you wouldn’t get to try the samplers to know what scent you would want.  Or if you really prefer budget, you can use your favorite fashion brand colognes.  They offer $1 and up colognes that smell really great there! I love fruity scents though…hmmm…love that citrusy, sweet scent!

Still, you can just order a cologne or perfume from online perfume shops out there.  What you can do is that, when you smell someone with perfume or cologne on that you like, you can just ask her/him what is she/he using.  Then, you’re ready to find the perfume or cologne at your favorite online perfume shops. Wallah!  Take your pick from this great online perfumes shop, *HERE.

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