Pencil Skirt in Chicness and in Style

Pencil Skirt in Chicness and in StyleReviving Pencil Skirt

The Pencil Skirt has been around in the fashion industry since early 50’s, often they were worn as the formal wear either for uniforms or fashion.  In fashion, as we all notice everything is coming back, being revived from the history with a little bit of innovation to distinguish time, Pencil Skirt is reinvented for todays fashion again.

Parisian Chic

The Parisian Chic pencil skirt style was redesigned to have high waist pencil cut skirts.  The high waisted pencil skirts illuminates elegance and appeal to the rest of the pencil cut uniforms widely used throughout the corporate, public, and private sectors.

Victorian Elegance

The trick is to appear like a Victorian style of elegance in a skirt.  It is now widely used by stylish corporate fashionistas by wearing a polo or blouse matching the pencil skirt, or there are ready made pencil skirts and blouse in one as the photo (Purple Pencil Skirt by Alana Savoir).

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