(KBV Agency van, the agency who helped us on our visa run)

After the Laos visa run and a short visa run stamping in Sadao, my 120 days visa has expired.  I needed to extend my visa and by doing so, I went to Penang for another extension.  I was hoping I will get another 120 day visa since March is coming and I’m bound for Kuala Lumpur (I hope it would push through) and Myanmar (Yangon- Mandalay), but my expiring visa could not wait.

When I got there (Penang), the agency that I went with for this visa run said I am no longer eligible for another 120-day visa because they will only allow 3 times.  The double entry 120 day-visa I took from Laos is considered as the third which does not really make sense.  I could understand second, because I have double entry but not third.  He explained that in order for me to get another visa (and only single entry one they can give me), I would have to pay for the invitation letter that will be presented to the immigration and pay extra amount on top of the said price (4000 THB) of the visa run which costs me 2500 THB.

It is quite unfair but then again, what can you do on this situation?  It is their digression on whether they will allow you to enter their country or not.  He said, we will give you back the 2500 THB if they would not let you in but that is all we can do.  Recent update was that, there will be no more double entry on any borders of Thai Immigration as reported by a friend who recently tried to get a double entry from Laos.

While waiting for the result, I resorted to exploring Penang by foot.  All the nearest places listed on the map of tourist attraction in the area, I think I have discovered.  Don’t worry, I will be posting the photos and stories of the city soon.

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4 thoughts on “Penang, Malaysia Visa Run

  1. I didn’t see much of Penang, just Georgetown which has a great mix of multicultural buildings and the national park where I hung out with macaques on Monkey Beach. If I go back it’ll be by flight or by bus from KL, I don’t fancy the Thai border crossing again!

    1. I didn’t see much as well, I didn’t have enough time but atleast I get to visit their temples and some mosque. 😀

  2. Penang’s beautiful, and the National Park is a must for your next visit. As long as you got to eat some good food while there, however, is always worth a journey 🙂

    1. I didn’t see everything because I only have a day, maybe one day but I don’t think I will be back there if not necessary. That’s just me. 😀

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