(Temples around our block)

October 31st at 6am when we arrived at the Holiday Hotel in Patthalung.  With no enough good rest from the 16 hour van ride, moving all our stuff from the van up to the hotel was exhausting.  It was okay as we all thought we’ll start on the 5th, so at least we will have few days to rest and get to know the area (which I always prefer when going to an unfamiliar place).  Tired of the travel and the hassles the van driver gave us, we could not get a good sleep.

(Buddha floats)

As soon as the sun’s became a bit friendly (around 5pm), I decided to walk around the block, I’ve seen some interesting temples and landscapes around.  I found out from the Front Desk people that it was their Phon Lak Phra Festival that day.  A festival that marks the end of Buddhist fasting and people were on parades of their colorful floats and buddhas, this is not considered a national holiday.  The town gave me a good feel, it’s laid back and the natural view surrounds us everywhere we go.  I thought, this will be a great temporary ‘home’ for me while I explore the place and its nearby towns. Definitely, off beaten track adventures will soon be explored here.


(Temple entrance)

The festival on the other hand, was quite interesting that for some reason a lady asked me not to take photos of the float when people are pulling them manually.  Though they did not tell me to stop if some floats pulled by a vehicle was being shot.  I do not know the reason as I could not understand any word she’s saying as I try to say “Thai, nit noi!” (My thai, little), as usual, they thought I’m a local.

I think my stay here will be worthwhile, I can feel how the place is accommodating.  I think I’d love this place!


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One thought on “Patthalung’s Phon Lak Phra Festival

  1. I went to a local festival yesterday in Pak Nam, Samut Prakan (just south of Bangkok). Less floats, more fun fair rides and endless street food stalls.

    Then we’ve got Loi Krathong near the end of the month. The Thai love their festivals!

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