I know that even the year 2009 is not yet over, fashionistas are dying to know the future collections.  Meaning, 2010 Fashion Collections are hot for fashion vanity fair lovers and so designers are coping up with the demand.  Fashion

collection for the following year is off to the charts now to give us the style of the future.  These collections of the well known and aspiring designers are now flying to different fashion capitals of the world.

Starting ashion trends from what is dominant from all the futuristic collections of the designers shown from all over the world.

Rochas Collection for Spring 2010 is one of the eye catcher for me.  Rochas collections brings back the inspiration of the retro colors and cuts.  The designs and recreating the retro style with the modern standards and urban living is awesome.  It turns out to be a bohemian chic style for 2010.

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