Paris Fashion Week Fall 2009 Runway ShoesAs the Paris Fashion Week Fall 2009 Fashion Shows got me confused of their creations from their Fantasy World designs, there also fantastic creations on the Paris Fashion Week Runways like the Paris Fashion Week Fall 2009 Runway Shoes. Most are also fantasy inspired shoe collections as well but I chose some cool runway shoes to my collage…Here they are…

The Tribal, Ripped, and Fringe Fashion Style are on the stage, making it more present as they were the Trends for 2009…

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2009 Runway Shoes are still fashionable and still trying to be on the trend, but their imagination and creativeness won the theme of the overall Paris Fashion Week Fall 2009.

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6 thoughts on “Paris Fashion Week Fall 2009 Runway Shoes

  1. great blog! the shoes really shoe the outfits on the run way too… i love boots but wouldn’t be game to wear the really high ones, ‘might hurt myself… i have stilettos and boots with heels but these are great ones for sure, thanks for sharing great blogging!… 🙂

  2. Thanks seventysangel75,

    Yeah, I do have some great shoe reviews too…you can check them out for a great designed shoes with affordable prices, fit for a runway and fit your budget! 😉

    1. Hi Carmen, I suppose you will have your own collection on the runway soon…
      I surely want to help you but I don’t know where you from?
      By the way, there are a lot of shoe wholesalers online that has stylish and quality products and you’ll get to save more from that. If you’ll buy in bulk for your models that would be great, but delivery takes time depending how far you are from them and the processing time.

      Otherwise, there are always great bargain shoes for a great quality everywhere. Sometimes flea markets has brand new stylish shoes too, but if you prefer a better quality shoes.

      I hope I have helped you with your problems… Ciao! 🙂

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