Chinese New Year is around the corner and it’s obvious because they are painting the town red!  I noticed in the Chinatown here in Manila, everyone is has put up the red decorations, the dragons, the dance, and their shirts all in red.

Red is believed to be a symbol of luck, love, power, mostly associated with strong emotions/influences.  That is why most Chinese use it because of the belief.  Whatever reason why they always choose the color, I like it! I mean, the bright red color radiates on one’s personality adding up color and life to what is already there.

Well, for me I always love wearing red nail polish, red lipstick, red skirt, red shirt, red shoes, but not at the same time!!! lol  I bet you thought I did at the same time, yeah? Nah, I’m not trying to make myself look funny.  Just putting a touch of red in your outfit would make the classy look and the new year’s spirit celebration, so do not over do RED on your outfit or a bull might start chasing you! (kidding!)

So what is this post about? I don’t really know, all I know is that I see a lot of people preparing for the Chinese New Year wearing reds, so I though about blabbering about RED.  Well, since I wasted your time today, I just wish you a Happy Chinese New Year to all!!!

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