Cruising Catalina Island & Ensenada Mexico

Cruising Catalina Island & Ensenada Mexico

It was our very first cruise (with my husband) on our own, a birthday gift he said. I do not remember that he gave it to me on my birthday but either way, I’m considering it as our honeymoon cruise. How was it? I wish I could just tell the story through my photos but unfortunately, my phone was disabled and erased all the data in it including all the photos from the cruise! Luckily, I have uploaded some videos on the editing software and few photos on Instagram so at least, I have something to share. Here it is. Enjoy!


5 Places To Visit In Semarang, Indonesia

Semarang Indonesia

Semarang, Indonesia – Ranks 5th largest city in Indonesia following Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and Medan. Capital of Central Java. We all know that when we think of Indonesia, we think of Bali or Jakarta. They have become popular for the adventure Bali has to offer and history in Jakarta.  The city hasn’t captured the attention of the world quite like those contries’ cities yet but they will surely get there. Just like other cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok, its charm will soon be discovered by travelers seeking new places and unique characteristic of Semarang. Read More...

Scottsdale Series – Vlog About This Town


After over a year of living in Scottsdale, I finally have the courage and pride to be living in it. The beauty of this city life within The West’s Most Western Town called, Old Town Scottsdale is just a blessing you also have to see yourself. By that, you also have to know how to get around town. Known for its great lifestyle the city has to offer, the museums, art galleries, native art and fine jewelry. Read More...