EPHESUS – An ancient Greek city in Turkey, you might ask why Greek?  It’s because it was built by Greek colonists and settlers during that period. The cobble stone floors, the delicate old walls, pillars that the archeologists are delicately digging were the mute witnesses of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony’s love story. It  truly is one of the finest destinations in Turkey.


The history it was telling didn’t stop there, our cruise ship would not stop as well to surprise us with a wonderful orchestra performed for us all.  While your brain could not stop imagining what did happen where you were standing ages ago, seeing the ancient city of Ephesus glowing at night while watching the orchestra play and  being served with cocktails and wine were astounding.  We were serenaded under the stars with the Ephesus ruins at the background is so special (or I want to say, Magical!).  Let me share to you a short video clip so you can tell me what you think.


Turkish people should also be proud of their traditional cuisine, it was nothing I thought Turkish cuisine was.

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