From the news channel this afternoon, I just heard that Google was asked to pay for playing music for free on YouTube. Google can’t pay the said amount they are asked to so instead they would just pull out all the music videos as it is considered violating the law. At the same time, every artists cannot just post or upload their videos on YouTube for advertising or so, as it might be misinterpreted as violation, unless they pay for the ads fee. Online Music Copyright Will Kill The Music Industry.

Online Music Copyright Will Kill The Music Industry

Online Music Copyright Will Kill The Music Industry

Absurd. Things are getting absurd and complicated in this world. Online music will die, and where is progress there? MP3’s and other music gadgets are run with online help, and what now? Online Music Copyright Will Kill The Music Industry, really. I was just wondering why would these people in the music industry who are earning millions of money who wanted to get famous and popular from their music anyway doesn’t want it to spread? They’d rather kill them selves for money, than sharing their music. Isn’t popularity comes from it? Simply because of money. They are earning tons of money, but I think the marketing agents want more, not the artists, but the marketing firms.

This is absurd. Always complaining to get more. Recession is on, what do they expect? That laid off citizens will prioritize buying music records? NO. Online Music Copyright Will Kill The Music Industry and The next thing they know, they will be one of the millions of people loosing their jobs at this time. Worse, without even a music to comfort them because it’s expensive to afford it.  I won’t be surprised one day when we can’t do anything, no more democracy because of the complexities of all the laws that they want to pass to protect those with more money. Crazy world.

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