I know I have not been posting for few days now, sorry peeps I didn’t get to inform you but I am on the move again and now, Back to Saigon!  Yeah,  It’s been a while staying in Nha Trang for more than 6 months.  5 months to our favorite hotel, Song La Hotel.

(Vietnamese Food prepared by Song La Hotel as a Farewell Party for us)

Honestly, I’m missing our Vietnam’s foster home, Nha Trang.  Why wouldn’t I?  I met a lot of great people there.  Fellow Filipinos, Vietnamese friends, and other nationalities living in the same hotel.  They were like families, the Sunday lunches, group day outs, everyday afternoon lunchbox times, Vietnamese lessons at the lobby, and hanging out at the lobby joking around.

I can say is that, Song La is the most kick a*s place I have stayed in while in Vietnam.  Name it, they have it! Here in Saigon is different,  I’m adjusting again but I’m cool.  Getting ready with the next move from Saigon.  So, if I don’t post sometimes, you already know why eh?

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