“Why don’t you start looking for a husband?”, this was the introductory greeting I got from an old friend and colleague, Ria, when she found out I’m leaving again soon.  I couldn’t help but laugh and answered, “Can I find a boyfriend first?” and we both burst into laughter.

I remember how those questions wouldn’t bother me at all, when I was traveling solo around Southeast Asia. I get those questions a lot from my students and tour guides I met during my travels, laughing at the idea that those questions wouldn’t want to leave me everywhere I go and every time, I am dumb founded and clueless of what to answer.  Times I was enjoying my freedom and couldn’t think of getting myself into something that will tie me down.

Then there’s Leizel, my buddy, who mentioned “You’re the only one left!” one afternoon while we’re having a cuppa after I told her that Nick and Doug are both happy now with their girlfriends, giggling as she updates me on her love life.  I asked, “What? What do you mean?” and she replied, “We (referring to  Team SRC from Krabi) are all happy with our love lives and you’re the only one left without!”.  Aww sh*t! I didn’t think about it that way! I told her, “OMG! Yeah!”.

Then I told my friend Tom that I think he cursed me, all along I didn’t care about being single until few months after I turned 30.  He once told me that,“When you turn 30, you’ll start thinking about who to spend the rest of your life with…”  I laughed at him because I thought it won’t happen.

After that convo with Leizel, I was suddenly screaming in my thoughts “OMG! I’m 30 and still single!” and I ended up telling my friend Tom that silly thought that he cursed me.  He replied saying, “At least you’d be more focused…“, it got to me already. Hmmm maybe and maybe not, but if Tom’s right well at least it will do good to me (being focused).  If not, then I think I’d have to curse him back!hah! I’m just messing Tommy…

But really, why am I still single? I used to answer,“I love my freedom and I’m happy being single”.  I also have an alternative answer saying, “Well, I travel a lot…can’t stay at one place to even grow roots”. I truly mean all those answers, I really love the freedom I have, doing things I always want to do and going places I want to go to.

The debate of why I’m still single goes on…  Some people started thinking I’m a lesbian (OMG! I’m not! hah!), and some, after asking me a question if I ever had a bf thinks that I’m in despair of my last relationship(just because that was my first one), but they’re all wrong!  I’m quite confuse why for sometime then but because I’m enjoying it(freedom), I didn’t care if I’m single.

I’m just taking each day as it comes, enjoying life, learning things, and if time comes that I will find that one person to enjoy life with then it will be hell a lot of fun!

OMG! Yes, I’m 30, still single, and having the time of my life…and yet to find a prospect(hah!).


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8 thoughts on “OMG! I’m 30 and Still Single!

  1. This might be a difference between the West and East, though maybe not – some of my friends in the UK feel the same way. But I feel the same way that you might do, I just like my freedom. I’m happy with my own company and in the past I’ve always had to get out of relationships after six months or so even if they’re going well.

    It seems like you have to deal with a lot of people telling you how they think you should live, based on what they want in their own lives!

    1. But Tommy’s from UK and living there too. I think I was the same way, that I didn’t care even if everyone’s having relationships here and there. My supervisor on my first job back in College days asked me too if I wasn’t envious of those other college people who’s with their boyfriends or girlfriends and honestly said, I don’t. I remember I said, I have a lot of things that wanted to do and places to go that occupies my head rather than what occupies those people’s head.lol

      Only here in my own, people tend to follow what society expects from them rather than what they always want to do, or maybe because they really don’t know what they want to do, they were just acting like they do. For some reason, people that seem to do not know what they’re doing knows what they do and those who think they know what they are doing, really, doesn’t know what they are doing at all. I’m not saying I know everything, it’s just that I believe its better for people to shut their mouth rather than tell me what to do or they’re just wasting their time because I won’t if I don’t feel like to. 😀

  2. well, just do what you think is the best for you… [do we really need to speak English here -translated from Tagalog]? nosebleed!

    1. Well, not really but when you put Tagalog comments be sure to put the translation beside it. By that, you’d rather comment in English right? hahaha! Thanks Jim, I would.xo

  3. as soon as i read the title from this blog, can’t help but read and open it!! hahahahaha!!! laughing to myself, thinking: “is this a form of advertisement??” hahahaha!! enjoyed reading this piece! i guess you’re enjoying your travels wherever you are right now… don’t worry, you’ll get there… hahaha!
    and by the way, belated happy birthday!! 😉

    1. It could work however you like that’s not bad, I don’t care what people think anymore, otherwise I won’t be here. I don’t worry, I just wrote this for fun because of Leizel’s convincing powers to post this funny idea. 😉 One more thing, May is my birthday month the photo effect is just something to emphasize the age.LOL

    1. Haha! Sometimes enjoying the solo travels make us happy on our own making people realize how fun our lives are becoming and then bam! they have to tell us this and that! but why?lol The post is just for fun, by the way. It was Leizel’s idea to get me publish this post! Dang Liz, you made this post truly popular! Hooray!

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