Nina Garcia Talks About Smart Fashion

We all know Nina Garcia as one of the popular judges of fashion design reality TV show, Project Runway.  She was the one that contestants were always nervous about due to her high standard in style and fashion, a perfectionist in a good way.  Nina Garcia Talks About Smart Fashion in her third book, The Style Strategy.

Nina Garcia didn’t just talk about fashion but also health and fitness.  Of course, you look good when you’re healthy and fit.  From good clear skin, amazing figure, and that follows a great lifestyle.  It doesn’t mean living a great lifestyle is having a lot of money.  Gone are the old days when everything is stereotyped, the modern days are innovating to an open and wide varieties of lifestyle.  That is what Nina Garcia Talks About Smart Fashion in her next book that is out in the market.

Nina speaks of being stylish in your way, not living beyond your means and being creative of what you have.  Make sense hey? Yeah, why would you spend more than you can afford when you have all the alternatives to create your own style that you can.  You can shop smart and still look chic using all the alternatives without living a lifestyle beyond your means.

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