(Priceless view from the market)

It was an awesome day last Sunday at the Sunday Market in Suratthani City.  A local friend said something about it that is worth checking out for different foods.  We were told that it is only open during weekends (of course, every Sunday) and opens from 5PM- 10PM.  We don’t know what can we find over there so last Sunday, we decided to see it.

The parking spaces a kilometer away from the market was packed already when we came around 6:15PM.  We walked to the market enjoying the sunset view along the river, people on the long boats, and three people that seems like racing in jet skis.  As we got closer to the entrance it was getting busier and busier, kids were playing everywhere while their parents chat at the gutters and some at the park seats at the side of the walk path.


(Thai kids performing their traditional dance)

Judging from the people that were piling up at the entrance, it got me really excited not knowing what t expect.  Wen we finally reached the entrance it was food stall over food stalls lined up with different things to offer.  Mostly food and beverages, local food like Som Tam (Papaya Salad), Masaman(Curry), Pad Thai (Thai Stir-fried Noodles), and a lot more local dishes.  They also have few selections of Western Snacks like garlic bread, crepes, fries, and hot dogs.  I was even surprised to see some Indonesian desserts which I remembered seeing in Bali, colorful rice cakes in a crafty made banana leaves.


(Horse Shoe Crabs, anyone?)

Not only that, they were also selling fresh seafoods there like crabs, prawns, fishes, squids, frogs, horse shoe crabs, and sting rays.  Yes, it was cool seeing all the exotic fresh seafood laid down on the park pavements.

TRIVIA: Did you know that horse shoe crabs are not supposed to be eaten?  These crabs eat jelly fish and so the jelly fish’s toxins are trapped in the horse shoe crab eggs that Thais get to mix with their Som Tam.  It is deadly, but according to a Thai friend it depends to the season and the procedure of making/cooking it.


(Beautiful sunset in Suratthani City’s Walking Street)

I bought pork kebab, garlic bread, fries, takoyakis that I did not like (it wasn’t as good as what we have in the Philippines), and a healthy cleansing chocolate soy drink topped with Nata de Coco, dried prunes, raisins, and some seaweed jello. Chris got himself a savory crepes with ham, couple of quail eggs, and processed crab meat paired with a soda.

Eating with a nice view of the sunset was awesome.  It was a spectacular multi-colored sunset with the festive ambiance was a nice day to spend Sunday in Suratthani City.

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5 thoughts on “Nice and Cheap Sunday Eats in Suratthani City

  1. It is interesting to know about the horseshoe crabs being poisonous if not cooked properly at particular times. I think I will give them a miss 🙂

    1. Yeah, I watched a documentary about how poisonous it is, we just didn’t know what we have eaten until I watched the documentary! Good thing, we’re lucky. 🙂

  2. After reading your blog post, am so wishing I had spent some more time in Surat Thani City. I only visited the Surat Thani airport en route to Koh Samui. Nice cute li’l airport

    1. There’s always a next time… 🙂 There are lots to explore in Suratthani City, but of course, the backpacker’s trail is more popular than exploring off-the-beaten-tracks. I am currently researching what else to do in Suratthani and try to promote it with the backpackers.

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