Nha Trang's Finest Beaches...Part II

Seem like I can’t get enough of Nha Trang’s beaches, huh?…lol…Well, yeah, I can’t. The moment I saw the beach, it’s pretty amazing. What more when we move to a hotel with great seaview?

Nha Trang's Finest Beaches...Part IINha Trang's Finest Beaches...Part IITIP: TRADE YOUR A/C FOR BETTER ROOM DEAL

I don’t care if we’re not using airconditioner for the room for a cheaper room deal, who needs it when you have a room at the 8th floor, cool breeze coming from the sea, and of course, the most important great view!!!

One more thing, its great to see the beach from your hotel’s balcony without getting hassled by the marketers in Vietnam, its worth it, believe me! The room cost $18 USD, bargained down to $15 when we said we’ll stay 3 nights, down to $13 for not using airconditioner.

Nha Trang's Finest Beaches...Part II

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