nha trang's finest beaches

From Hue, Vietnam, I travelled away to Nha Trang. Skipping Hoi An on the way for open tour itinerary due to limited time. The beach is awesome and perfect for chilling out and relaxing. Just a walk along the shore or simply a good view from your hotel or guesthouse is amazing!

nha trang's finest beaches

“Nha Trang’s one of the finest beaches I’ve ever been to Southeast Asia. The city itself is very scenic.”

nha trang's finest beaches

Across the breach is Vinpearl. Nha Trang’s leisure park in another island, the sign is visible from the shore. You can get there through cable car from the shore for a fee (which I am not sure how much). From the brochure, it is amazing! Specially for kids.

I will sure put Nha Trang on my favorite place in Southeast Asia! I wish to go back here again.

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  1. I was in Vietnam for my best friend’s wedding a few years ago. We drove (actually hired a van and driver) to Nha Trang from Saigon for the “family honeymoon.” The countryside was amazing! I loved seeing the rice paper drying in the yards.

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