Nha Trang's Best Food Place

After almost a month of looking for a good place to eat here, I finally found Nha Trang’s Best Food Place to eat at “Pizza Giang” runned by group of young Vietnamese, they serve reasonably priced food.  Offering mostly Western food on their menu, they are definitely great deals for affordable prices catering locals and tourists.Nha Trang's Best Food Place

Pizza Giang is Nha Trang’s Best Food Place I can say, for a burger at 17,000 VND ($ 1 USD) is enough to make you bloating full!… Their Garlic Bread with Mozzarella Cheese is 8,000 VND which almost half a dollar US, and Pizzas at 60,000 VND ($ 3.50 USD)big size and half the price for small size.  They’ve got more than 30 choices of pizzas from Italian to Classic flavors, whichever will leave you satisfied and return.  Small sizes are more tastier though.  Fresh Garden Salads are 8,000 VND ($ .50 USD), really healthy… Drinks are from 5,000 VND up, they serve cocktails too (limited).Nha Trang's Best Food Place

All in all, Nha Trang’s Best Food Place!!! The young entrepreneurs are nice and friendly as well…makes you feel comfy and at home.Nha Trang's Best Food Place

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  1. Hi, thanks for dropping at my blog! I’d love to go there in Vietnam. Happy New Year!!

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