Today, I am so tired because I went to Nha Trang’s Boat Trip. Yeah, it was fun. I will tell you more about it tomorrow. I am so exhausted. Meanwhile, I can tell you about Nha Trang’s Best Breakfast, I’ve ever had, so far… 😀

Well, I’ll show you the images below. This is 30,000 VND ($2 USD) but dude, you’re solved after this meal. It’s Baguette, Cheese Omellete, Bacon, Fries, and Salad Garnish! Whoa! You’re done until lunch. That’s cheap isn’t it? Saved money for lunch, because really you will not get hungry until dinner from Nha Trang’s Best Breakfast, not just best beach they have, they’ve sussed this too. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be emphasizing it as Nha Trang’s Best Breakfast!!!

I got it from Banana Split at Hoang Hoa Tham Street. Although, the veggie place infront of it is still my favorite for value, healthiness, and taste. Yet, proper breakfast? This is the winner so far… 😀

Nha Trang’s Best Breakfast

Nha Trang's Best Breakfast

Nha Trang's Best Breakfast

Match with Mango Shakes for 12,000 VND ($.80 cents USD)…Hmmm, awesome match.  If you want to read more about best fruit shakes, read more here.

Nha Trang's Best Breakfast

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