I know I have not been writing for sometime now and its not because I’m lazy but because I moved to a different place which does not have Internet.  It was killing me the first few days and it’s still affecting now.  However, I’m still adjusting to the new environment and lifestyle but once I get to settle good enough, I will get my ass back blogging like a maniac again.

Okay, so enough for that, I was talking about my New Year’s Travel List as what the title is implying which I don’t have a lot yet ( and think I will not have more planned ones in far future again), here’s the list;

  • January 11-14, 2012 – Trip to Davao, Philippines
  • February 28- March 5, 2012 – Trip to Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu) -Brunei
  • March 25-31, 2012 – Trip to Indonesia (Jakarta-Bali)

Those are my booked tickets on the line.  The Davao trip was missed intentionally because of my new job (I don’t have Vacation Leaves yet until March), it was heartbreaking for me to miss it!  I thought I would miss the Malaysia-Brunei trip as well, but then when I was talking to Jim (a colleague) he said to mention it to my boss Cherryl and since it was booked even before I’m in the company then maybe they will give it a go.  Yesterday, I did talk to my boss and she said just send her an email but she said yes already. Wohoooooooooooo! I was ecstatic after talking to her, I thought I’d miss two booked flights but apparently the Davao trip was the only one! Woot woot!

Aside from the booked trips, I know I will still have local trips that comes in unplanned. Just like this February when my friend will visit for 2 weeks, and if Team Canada will visit by March or April, then Leizel and I will be busy travelling with our saviors again.  Well, Leizel and I were talking about skydiving in Sydney late this year though, but I guess its not sure.  Backpackers know flexibility which means anything could happen and change anytime.  We’re like water that flows everywhere.

You’ll never know where your feet will bring you, just like my year 2011.  It was packed with adventure and most of them just happened for a reason whether it be to meet my new friends, learn a language or two, see the world in a different light…  All I know is that I love travelling, and that is why I think they call me ‘Dora’.


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