Touch screens are becoming the trend of the mobile phones.  From a personal computer to becoming the laptop computers to portable phones which are slightly becoming the mini portable computers as well, computer manufacturers would not give up their throne yet.  The HP slate is the living proof.

They are completely innovating everything to be more technological sophisticated and chic, moving forward to the demand and satisfaction of the market and the fast phased world that we are now living in.  HP Slate will be the next fashion gadget  becoming the touch screen computer that also allows you to use it like the Amazon’s Kindle that is an electronic gadget book.  Letting you store thousands of books in a light weight electronic device like HP slate.

(Amazon’s Kindle and Kindle 2)

HP Slate is said to be launched by the end of this year.  So to all the techies out there, you can just keep an eye on this gadget coming up late this year!

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