Do you need help for your own ad banners? Advertising? I can help you with that. For just observing and learning how to use the graphic technologies available out there, I am quite good at creating one now. I started experimenting on a catering business ads for Classique Fondue Catering Services, banner shown below…


blogbannermybannerThen, experimented again doing my own blog banner as well as for the “Murang Pinoy Web Hosting”…I am still learning and improving my skills at graphic designing but it’s fun to play around and get a good output after all that. 😀 Let me know if you’re interested…

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One thought on “Need Help for Banners? Ads?

  1. Dear Lyndsay,
    As you can imagine…I have tried in vain to create just the banner I need (hopeless)
    And I would like to take you up on your very kind offer….and boy, do I need it…take a look @ the poor attempt on my site.
    The site is for Aussies, and I feel ayers rock is appropiate…..however….
    Kind Regards Denis

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