Are you DYING to make a great hair make over? Like Hair coloring or new hairstyle to look better?  I have a good news for you!  I can help you have a very healthy hair dye from natural ingredients from your home!

What you don’t know is that there are tons of beauty ingredients that can be found in your home or garden that can save you money.  Natural Hair Dyes from home aren’t hard to find even in your favorites supermarkets at all.

The Benefits of Natural Hair Dyes

  • Natural and Organic. Meaning it doesn’t have any harmful effects to your health.
  • Affordable. Budget friendly make-over.
  • Easy Access. Organic ingredients for natural hair dye can be found easily from your kitchen, and supermarkets at low costs.
  • Do It Yourself Procedure. Easy to do it yourself at home.

Organic Products Can Be Used as Hair Dyes

RED COLOR: Cranberry Juice or  Beets.  This turns your hair reddish.

BROWN COLOR: Henna/ Coffee/ Tea.

BLACK HENNA: Black Henna.  This is for black hair, it is a mixture of indigo blue dye and brown henna, mix it up to create black.

NATURAL HIGHLIGHTS: Lemon juice and Chamomile tea gives natural highlights to blondes and light-haired brunettes.

TIP: Cinnamon can brighten red hair.  Lemon brighten the colors of your chemically dyed hair too.

You decide how light or dark you want your natural hair dye can be.  Professionals agree that organic and natural products are way healthier than dying your hair chemically everytime that can cause hair fall , hair damage, and hair loss in the long run.  Don’t need to resolve hair problems in the future.

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