Natalie Cole is Still in Fashion

Natalie Cole is Still in FashionDo you remember the song “I Miss You Like Crazy” back in 1990? Oh yeah, I do!  I was 8 years old then singing this song to compete on amateur singing contests and school competitions.  Hahaha! That was a funny memory reminiscing how I practice my pieces in our little bakery, entertaining people who passes by and regularly buy breads and cakes. :-))  Oh well, this song won me 200 pesos ($4) as a 3rd price little divas category! 😉 that is way long ago! haha!

Okay, back in time.  Natalie Cole is the voice behind that song.  I thought it belongs to a white singer when I was a kid, and it’s no doubt she’s black as they are one of the best musicians in the world, I reckon.  R&B is their common genre and I love it.  Anyways, Natalie is not just a voice but a sophisticated woman.  Fashioning the stage with chic clothes and styling according to her personality, let us watch her perform “This Will Be” (Disney Song “Aladdin”)on her chic evening gown …

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