Nail Care Tips for Men

As I have mostly featured women’s gaining tips, I would like to write Nail Care Tips for Men,because they always take for granted their nails as I have observed. 😉 Part of the reason is because of stereotyping that too much grooming is too feminine. NOT! 😀 It is not true, it’s a mark of one’s personality, men should not overdo it though…lol…Otherwise, that will appear too feminine.

Nail Care Tips for Men

  • Tip #1- Trim Nails. Trimming your nails at least once a week will do a good impact. Longer nails traps more dirt than shorter ones, dirt and dust were usually stuck in longer tips, that could irritates your skin too as we often touch our face, or scratch our skin unaware of the possibilities.

  • Tip #2- Nail Brush. Using nailbrush everyday while or during a shower is recommended. It is the simplest care to wash away the dirt caught into your nails. You can see the difference when you do this regularly.

  • Tip#3- Don’t Bite Your Nails. This is most common to men than women. It is because the uneasy feeling of having longer nails is one reason why men bite their nails. But that is not healthy for your nails. Leaving it horrible looking, it also damage your nails.

  • Tip #4- Apply Natural Lemon Juice. Applying Natural Lemon Juice is the most common and simplest way to nurture your nails. I know men doesn’t want too much rituals like women… 😉
  • Tip #5- Manicure/Pedicure. Do it at least once a month for you guys, don’t do it yourself, visit a professional, there are tons of unisex salons that does that, or if you feel awkward, home service are just a phone call away.

    As one of my follower requested for Men Related Articles here, I hope he will be happy with this. 🙂 Enjoy!

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