If you thought I don’t have My Wish List for 2009? You’re Wrong! This year, as I’ve started my year with amazement and wonder of how really the Internet works, I have become addicted to blogging. Nothing bad though, I am just into fashion…and sometimes my philosophical and political views on something that affects me indirectly, but mostly directly. 😀

My Wish List for 2009 is a laptop and a digital camera. That’s what I want for this year so far, to make my blogging efficiently and better looking.

My Wish List for 2009

My Wish List for 2009

I want a Core Duo Laptop with built-in cam, DVD-RW, WiFi and Bluetooth, this are the necessaries my old laptop doesn’t have… But of course, I want a good storage too, affordable, and lightweight. Any brand will do, although I accept gifts and sponsorship! lol 😀

My Wish List for 2009

My Wish List for 2009

Obviously, I want a digital camera too…that has a great and long range, quality shots as well… I am not wishing for a paparazzi camera, just a simple cam that has a minimum of 10 MP will do. I am looking for sponsors to get My Wish List for 2009 delivered as early as it can be… hehehe… 😉 I know there are some kind hearted people out there. 😀

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One thought on “My Wish List for 2009

  1. buy a macbook, its the best! (i think), as for the camera, a sony cybershot will do..or if you want a dslr type, try canon =)

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